Ready to Renovate That Outdated
Property for BIG Returns, But NO IDEA Where to Start?
Keep Reading to Discover the Entire Blueprint for Your Next Renovation, From A to Z!
You got that outdated property at a steal! It just needs some TLC: paint, new appliances, etc. Wait,
is that a water stain on the ceiling? And it feels pretty drafty in the living room…

AGH! You’ve never handled a renovation before! How do you even begin? Where are you going to
get the most returns for your renovation dollars?

How do you find a good contractor?

Don’t panic! You’re not alone….
If You’re a First-Time Home Renovator, You Can’t Begin Your Project Without a Solid Plan
Just like building a home, renovating it needs a blueprint. You need to understand what to look for when scoping out
the property BEFORE you buy, inspecting it AFTER you buy, and which renovations will lead to HIGHER returns.
Not every neighborhood is going to call for the same appliances, flooring, or even tile.

But where do you even START?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you do EXACTLY that.
The Fix ‘n Flipper’s Tricks of the Trade Course by Larry Harbolt
Larry Harbolt is a real estate industry standard, starting his investment career in the late 1970’s and continuing through even today. Larry also worked as a pipe-fitter and a contractor while he developed his own portfolio to financial freedom.

From his own experiences on both sides of the contracting fence, Larry has developed a comprehensive course on the entire renovation process for your investment property. From estimating roof shingle cost to working closely with your contractor, Larry covers it in this MASSIVE online course built from his 37 years of experience.
What You'll Get
Larry is offering you LIFETIME ACCESS to this course (a $1,997 value)

AND a group mastermind opportunity with him (a $4,997 value)

AND access to ALL course updates AND delivered online right to your cell phone if you wish...
A $6,994 value!
Would you build a house without a blueprint? I hope not. Would you
build it without an architect or construction expert at the helm? 

Absolutely not!
Don’t Begin Your Renovation Without This Course! 
Now you have 37 years of real estate investing and renovation experience behind you!

A course like this, filled with the step-by-step instructions from before acquisition to after the renovation, working with contractors, and estimating material costs, would easily cost $6,994.

But that’s not the price today.

Today we’re giving it to YOU for JUST $1997. That’s OVER 70% OFF THE TOTAL VALUE!!!

That’s right… $1997.
For what you’d pay for a nice sectional couch, you will learn:
Figuring repair costs

How to make money from the repairs you do

How to examine any house for repairs

25 formulas to estimate the amount of needed materials so you don’t OVERSPEND

​​​​​​​Video sessions with Larry Harbolt himself “walking the job”

How to do “Rehabbers’ Math”

Audio lessons on specific rehab tips and tricks

Audio and video of Larry covering the many projects he has done in the past and what he learned from them

The entire course delivered in electronic format and easy to use, right on your phone or mobile device

Sample contracts, outlines, and TONS of other documents and cheat sheets will be included
The choice is yours…
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