Hosted By: Tyler Sheff, Host of The Cash Flow Guys Podcast
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You want to get started in Real Estate Investing but...
  • You don't know where to begin
  • ​You're not sure what to focus on first
  • You're having trouble finding a deal
  • You are not sure about how to analyze a deal safely
  • ​You need to learn how to raise money for your deals
  • ​You are afraid of losing your money or someone else's money
  • ​You want to stay safe and avoid missing steps
I built a coaching program JUST FOR YOU! Get on the waiting list NOW so you can be the first one in before the rush! 

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Tyler has spent the last several years of his time learning and DOING by taking down deals in multiple markets. Tyler finds that he truly enjoys teaching others and helping them achieve what they never before felt possible. 

Tyler is now the founder of and host of the Award Winning Cash Flow Guys Podcast which is considered one of America's favorite podcasts to learn how to use real estate to invest for cashflow. Recently, the Cash Flow Guys Podcast was rated in the top 5 of all Real Estate Podcasts.

Tyler Sheff
Founder of
Founder and Host of The Cash Flow Guys Podcast

I focus on building streams of consistent monthly income instead of inconsistent piles of income, that’s why they call me the Cash Flow Guy! 
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