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You want to get started in Real Estate Investing but...
-you don't know where to start or maybe you got started and are now stuck
-you are having trouble finding a deal 
-you don't know how to analyze a deal 
-you need to find money for your deals 
-you are afraid to make the wrong decisions and maybe lose money (or someone else's)
-you want to be sure you don’t skip a step in the buying process
-you need to know what pitfalls to look for in a deal to stay safe

I am building a course JUST FOR YOU! Get on the waiting list NOW so you can be the first one in before the rush! 

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He’s been there done that! Tyler Sheff is a US Army Gulf War Era Veteran, originally earned his Florida real estate license back in year 2000 while also working as a house flipper. Tyler concurrently owned and operated a trucking business, worked as a local Police Officer, Charter Captain and Chief Boatswain aboard a US government research ship. In October, 2014 he decided to renew his real estate license in order to supplement his income while helping others learn about real estate investing. Also that year, he managed to acquire his first 26 units in 11 months using NONE of his own money. Since then Tyler has supercharged his portfolio and escaped the rat race with a robust portfolio of multi family apartments and notes.
Tyler Sheff
Founder of
Founder and Host of The Cash Flow Guys Podcast

Tyler has spent the last several years of his time learning and DOING by taking down deals in multiple markets. Tyler finds that he truly enjoys teaching others and watching them learn. In regards to real estate investments, he gains great enjoyment out of helping busy professionals achieve their wealth building goals by showing them how to invest in real estate passively and far outperform the stock market in returns consistently.

Tyler is now the founder of and host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast which is rapidly rising in the ranks to be one of the fasting growing shows in the iTunes business and investing categories. Recently, the Cash Flow Guys Podcast was rated in the top 5 of all Real Estate Podcasts.

This is no joke! I have done a ton of no money down deals, optimized my opportunities and earned cash flow faster. That’s why they call me the Cash Flow Guy! I am building a Mailbox Money 101 Course for real estate investors JUST LIKE YOU! Be the first to get in the door!
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