Many investors get the game, they know how to invest, but to truly build wealth and take it to the next level there are often pieces to the puzzle that are missing.
  •  Mindset is absolutely crucial and can take you from decent to good then great.
  •  Networking and Marketing are sometimes done haphazardly – or are a second thought. It’s the groundwork that can make all the difference.
  •  Negotiating – hey – we are not all born with negotiating skills. It does NOT come naturally. It’s a learned skill that can be taught.
  •  Closing – sticking it out and closing the deal - the RIGHT way so that you DO get the most ROI and no costly mistakes.
These are just SOME of the skills that are taught in this 12 week coaching program.
We begin by helping you develop a success plan to bulletproof your investing business. The process begins with a shift in mindset to help you learn to earn and prosper for the long haul.
Taking Personal/
Financial Inventory
Know exactly where you are now and what tools are currently in your toolbox to work with. What are your assets, liabilities, your talents, tools, connections and more.
Learn the different types of marketing, the pros and cons of each, and how you can refine your message. Does digital marketing intimidate you? Not anymore, Tyler dives deep with a easy to implement marketing style and system that will fill your database with deals and dollars to invest.
Finding Opportunity
Learn to analyze the market and know where best to invest. You will also learn tons of strategies that allow you to see and capture opportunities that most other people would overlook. Some of the best deals out there are staring you right in the face.
How Can I Keep This? (Deal Structure)
Why bother discovering opportunities if you don’t have the skills to structure them properly? You will learn how to structure deals for Wholesaling, Fix and Flip and Buy and Hold opportunities. We will cover Single Family Houses, Multi Family Apartments, Mobile Home Parks, Commercial Properties, Non Performing Notes and Raw Land Investing

The #1 most critical skill an investor must learn is how to negotiate effectively. I will teach you the right ways to talk to buyers, sellers and other investors. You will learn many different methods of negotiation that result in win/win relationships with the other party.
Due Diligence
Ever get overwhelmed with the due diligence process? We share the appropriate due diligence on your deals to be sure you are protected from financial pitfalls often overlooked during the buying process. Plus we include a Due Diligence Checklist!
The Closing Process
If a closing is to happen, we must be able to problem solve any issues that will (not might) show up. During this module we deep dive into what happens behind the scenes to allow a closing to happen. We also cover the “next” step of the you have investment property, now what?
  •  12 Weekly Live Video Conferences via Zoom (recordings available)
  •  Web Based Forum to share ideas, lessons, etc
  •  Next Level Digital Marketing Training
  •  Negotiations Practice and Refinement
  •  Advanced Strategy Training
  •  Mindset Matters Video Series ($697 Value)
  •  Income Statement Worksheet
  •  Exclusive Basecamp 3.0 Community to access support, ask questions and connect with like-minded investors
  •  Daily Performance Accountability Tracker
  •  Sample Letter of Intent
  •  Mapping Out Your Budget Worksheet
  •  Closing Procedures Checklist
  •  Effective Networking Hacks ($497 Value)
  •  The Deal Review Worksheet

All About Your Contract with Attorney Shawn Yesner Video Series


All About Notes with Cashflow Chick Page Panzarello Video Series


My Personal Case Study; "How I Escaped The Rat Race In 11 Months WITHOUT A Fat Bank Account" ($247 Value)

14 Benefits PLUS 3 Bonuses AND More in These 3 Levels of
​​​​​​​Mailbox Money Coaching
Everything included above PLUS:
- Mailbox Money Mastery Video Program ($9,997)

- A 30-minute Kick Off Call with Tyler

- Two One-on-One Accountability Calls

Everything included in Silver PLUS:
- A 30-minute Kick Off Call with Tyler

- 12 weeks of LIVE Online Group Coaching via Zoom Video Conference ($19,988 Value)

- FOUR 30-Minute, One-On-One Strategy Calls With Tyler ($997 Value)

- Access to Tyler's Team To Help You In Every Step Of The Deal Process (priceless)

- LIVE Deal Analysis By Tyler Himself ($4997 Value) for 90 Days

Everything included in Silver PLUS:
- A 30-minute Kick Off Call with Tyler

- 12 Months of LIVE Online Group Coaching access via Zoom Video Conference ($19,988 Value)

- TWELVE 30-Minute, One-On-One Strategy Calls With Tyler ($2,991 Value)

- Access to Tyler's Team To Help You In Every Step Of The Deal Process (priceless)

- LIVE Deal Analysis By Tyler Himself ($4997 Value) for 12 months

1 on 1 Strategy Calls with Tyler
Exclusive Facebook Community
Weekly Group Coaching Calls
This course is unlike any other course I have done. From the word “GO” we were given practical exercises to get us out of our comfort zone and grow. Tyler is great at simplifying what needs to be done and keeping us accountable. There is no fluff or guru crap, he shows what he does and guides you in the right direction. I have grown so much throughout this course and feel blessed to have found it. If you are looking for a no BS course, this is it!
Samuel M
The Mailbox Money Coaching program has been an awesome experience! It has given me all the tools and confidence I need to acquire Multifamily properties and accomplish my goals. Tyler Sheff has broken this training down into several segments that have helped me retain everything I've learned and he also makes everything in the program available for future reference so I can go back and find answers to any questions I may have. This training is the best investment I have ever made for the future of my family and I.
Carl V


He’s been there done that! Tyler Sheff is a US Army Gulf War Era Veteran, originally earned his Florida real estate license back in year 2000 while also working as a house flipper. Tyler concurrently owned and operated a trucking business, worked as a local Police Officer, Charter Captain and Chief Boatswain aboard a US government research ship. In October, 2014 he decided to renew his real estate license in order to supplement his income while helping others learn about real estate investing. Also that year, he managed to acquire his first 26 units in 11 months using NONE of his own money. Since then Tyler has supercharged his portfolio and escaped the rat race with a robust portfolio of multi family apartments and notes.

Tyler has spent the last several years of his free time learning about investing in real estate. Tyler finds that he truly enjoy teaching others and watching them learn. In regards to real estate investments, he gains great enjoyment out of helping busy professionals achieve their wealth building goals by showing them how to invest in real estate passively and far outperform the stock market in returns consistently.

Tyler is now the founder of and host of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast which is rapidly rising in the ranks to be one of the fasting growing shows in the iTunes business category. Recently, the Cash Flow Guys Podcast was rated in the top 10 of all Real Estate Podcasts.
I used to think that becoming a real estate investor was about saving money and having good credit. Although those things help, yet I did not have them when I got started. Because of this, I had to “bootstrap” and get comfortable being uncomfortable. I had to learn how to find opportunity, raise private money, negotiate, and close deals. I did not have the benefit of a large team or a college degree to guide me. It's this grind that the Mailbox Money Coaching will help you avoid, because, you see, I already made all the mistakes, I lost the money for you, I looked dumb so you won’t have to. Join me on this journey as I show you the way to permanent financial independence.

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