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Why Listen to Tyler Sheff?
Tyler Sheff’s career path began with honorably serving as a soldier in the US Army Military Police. Military service allowed him to discover and hone his self-discipline and leadership skills while serving his country. After the service, he graduated from the Tampa Police Academy and became a law enforcement officer in Pinellas County Florida. His time as a Police Officer helped him learn patience, compassion and fostered his desire to help people in need.

Having a desire to live a more fruitful and profitable life, Tyler got into automotive service and sales to improve his sales and negotiation skills while exponentially increasing his income at the same time. After a few years, Tyler opened a nationwide trucking company that evolved into a top-earning brokerage house for freight by applying the sales and leadership skills he learned in the military and the car business. Tyler decided to turn things up a notch by earning his Florida Real Estate license in 2000 which became the primary focus of Tyler when he began to start flipping houses in 2001 all the way up to 2006. 

 Trucking and housing market conditions in those years meant convinced Tyler to take a job with the US Government working on research ships and traveling around the world with a steady paycheck. As it turns out, that “steady paycheck” really meant “steady taxation” therefore convincing him it was time to focus on building wealth. It was in 2014 that Tyler decided to walk off the ship for good in exchange for a career as a full-time real estate investor focused on buy and hold assets.
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